GDOP Day 1: Revive

You are encouraged to follow along each day in the Global Day of Prayer guide as we petition God during this Pentecost season to send revival to America and the nations of the earth. The prayer guide runs from Thursday May 13th to Sunday May 23rd.

Day 1: Revive

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you" (Psalm 51:12 NLT.)

Don't be afraid to ask him. He will give you joy again, but you must follow him. Ask for a heart that beats for God, one that will lay down everything and follow him no matter the cost. He will give it to you. He will give you grace to fast, pray, and sit at his feet. Richard Baxter probably puts it best:

"You shall find this to be God's most usual course, not to give his children taste of his delights, [until] they begin to sweat in seeking after them."

Lord, I need a new heart--one that listens for your voice and is ready to obey. I want to follow you fully.

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