Purpose - Vision

The 3CF Purpose

The purpose of Carll’s Corner Community Fellowship is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to deploy them in His mission to proclaim the Kingdom of God. 
We will live out our purpose by using the gifts and graces God empowers us with to minister. We will live a lifestyle of personal evangelism as we go throughout the area. We will collaborate in ministry with other Christians to proclaim our faith, reach out to the poor and needy, and stand for the justice of God.

The 3CF Vision

Carll’s Corner Community Fellowship began to worship on June 9, 2002. The CCCF vision continues to be to establish a congregation where people can come to worship God, commit to a community of Christian discipleship, and find welcoming modes for plugging into ministry. This vision sees a fellowship, as Jesus describes in John 17, growing together to become equipped with the gifts and graces God has given them to serve Him. It sees this fellowship receiving revelations of God for niche ministry and specific forms of outreach to impact our area, which will in turn impact the world. It sees this fellowship coming together with other ministries for Kingdom collaboration. It sees leaders rising up to pioneer the way and nurture others on the journey.

Listen to Pastor Jamie Bagley share the history & vision of 3CF in a recent service celebrating our 10th anniversary.
(Click to listen. Right-click and choose "save-as" to download)
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