In 1990 while in attendance at the Urbana Missions Conference George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobiliation challenged us to gain a global perspective for mission and to be in fervent prayer for the purposes of Jesus in establishing His Kingdom. He challenged people to establish "Houses of Prayer" throughout the world that relate to this purpose. I left the conference personally challenged with a vision for missional prayer and an inner tension for the personal sacrifices that would make it a reality and I was vividly aware that this was something that the average congregation would wrestle to embrace. During the next decade as I looked for personal involvement in this area I saw God moving to establish such Houses of Prayer in Asia, Europe and even the United States. In the late 1990's when IHOP-KC was established I had personal connections with those who were involved in its initial stages of development. When I visited IHOP-KC I was intrigued by the way they mixed worship and prayer through their Harp & Bowl method and I saw this as something that I thought could transfer into ministry at the local congregation level.

It has been exciting for me to watch those from 3CF who have grasped this vision and have become excited about the Harp & Bowl style of prayer and see desire grow for us to be an established House of Prayer. I have heard many of you, as well as people outside of our fellowship, reference the term in regards to what we do. Recently Nate and others have been promoting the name SJHOP, which further develops this concept among us. It may be time for us to embrace this name and I invite your input.

Pastor Jamie

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