This Sunday!

On Sunday we will be having a special celebration of the birth of Christ. Things will be a little different during worship and at about 11:30am we will gather in the back of the worship room to sing happy birthday to Jesus and share in some special food and birthday cake.
The past two Sunday's some of you agreed to bring food. Here's the instructions about that from Jessica Bagley:
Hello 3cf! As planned, our annual Christmas Potluck will be held this coming Sunday, December 15th, right after service. Please bring your items (cold or hot) into the kitchen when you arrive to worship. I will take care of keeping everything in the crock-pots hot, and organizing the cold items. If you have not signed up and would like to come, we still could use a few hot crock-pot items. You can email me at with what you plan to bring. Thank you! Jessica
LOGISTICS: We plan to do with the crock pots is to plug them in in the side rooms, then when the time comes, to unplug everything and put them on tables at the back of the big room where we usually serve meals. There really aren't too may to be plugged in anyway

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