Hurricane Relief Offering

During communion at our service this Sunday (11/11/12) we will take up a special offering towards the relief of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Please read the message below from one of our congregation:
My family lives in Staten Island, they are centrally located on the island, just lost power for the week....I know my nephew hasn't been to school because it is being used as an evacuation center...I just know they are hoping to be back in a routine again...But many along the coast of the island lost their homes and more devastating their lives. I don't know anyone specifically...I sent my brother a text today...things are just a bit crazy there because gasoline is hard to get being that some are still out of power...We are traveling there this weekend so we hope to visit some areas of the island and I could tell you more specifically... I would ask for prayers for those displaced from their homes, schools and jobs due to the storm and those dealing with the lose of life. If anyone is interested in donating items such as winter clothing for adults, children, cleaning supplies, children's games, books, water, batteries, toiletries or non-perishable foods, the Upper Deerfield schools are collecting these items to be delivered to staging areas in Atlantic City, Ocean City, and possible LBI and Seaside Heights. These items can be dropped off at the Woodruff School on Thursday and Friday to their gymnasium. Thanks!

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