Michael Manske in Japan

Mike Manske
Please be in prayer for Mike Manske- He is currently in Japan with a team from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO. The team is there ministering to individuals and churches and helping to build up houses of prayer throughout Japan.
Update from Mike: "Hello all, Its been a while since my last email. I have been very busy, and not much internet connection.  Things are going well. Today we went to a church in Ekoda japan. we did harp and bowl labs for the church. It was awesome and totally encouraging. we had some awesome testimonies. people saying it makes me want to pray, or its so easy. Ok, now i have 5min :) Bullet points.  In tokyo the past week. been awesome doing street evangelism/prayer walk/prayer meetings. Tomorrow (in about 6 hours)  we leave for Tohoku and Sendai (monday-friday)  we are going to de-mud houses.  I have no idea what that looks like, but our team has rubber boots, one piece jumpsuits, gloves, and masks. I am excited. we will be staying in a hotel... that is packed with displaced people, some of our team may be sleeping in the vans we drive up there in. I will not have internet until i get back over the weekend sometime. God is awesome. Thank you for your prayers. They are a necessity. there was a 7.0 earthquake near Sendai. thank God the pressure is released before we get there. -protection, endurance, grace, and unity for our team. -we will be faithful witnesses to the hurting people. ok gotta go. Blessings, Mike"

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