Seabrook Yard-Give-Away

In an effort to reach the lost in our area, we are planning an outreach project in the next couple of weeks in Seabrook in the neighborhood areas near the middle schools on Route 77. We are currently trying to secure a date to use the recreation building/ center there. We greatly need your help in this effort, not only on the day of the event, but in preparation. The event that we will be doing is just like a YARD SALE, but everything will be FREE. We are calling it a "YARD GIVE-A-WAY" at this Yard-Give-a-way, we will have a prayer-booth, and would like you to use your gifts in face-painting, balloon sculpting, arts & crafts, music, solos, / praise & worship music and anything that you can offer to entertain / MINISTER -TO the guest and get them to stay a while to increase our time to be able to witness to them and win them over to Jesus. Even if you can only spend an hour there at the event, it will be a blessing. Now for the items to be given away is where we need your help. We would like to give away some food, like hotdogs, chips & can soda and we are asking you to donate things that you would put out for a Yard Sale, please look around your home, garage, attic, or even get some things from the Dollar store. We need items for MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN. We ask that you start bringing them in now to Mission Base and leave them in the designated area, so that we can see that we have enough. We will post flyers in that area to advertise the event, we will go Door to door, and anyway that we can get the word out. If you have any ideas to enhance this ministry outreach please share them with Jamie.Some items ideas are as follows:can food, winter gloves, hats, coats,shoes,socks, jewelry, paper products, music cd's, bibles, notebooks, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo,cutains, board games, picture frames, blankets, coffee mugs, clothing, lotion, cereals, t.v.'s candles, lamps, tools, flashlights, perfume, hoodies, bookbags, handbags,basketballs, athletic cleates, nail polish, furniture - and anything that you can think of!You will be blessed to be a blessing! Help us to reach out and touch someone on that day and show them the LOVE & KINDNESS of Jesus!

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