21 Day Fast

Reminder: The 21 Day Fast fast will begin on Sunday Jul7 27th and end on Saturday August 16th. We encourage everyone to extravagantly devote themselves during this special time that we are setting aside to seek the Lord for ourselves, loved ones, city, and nation. We encourage everyone to participate in some way. Many are giving themselves to fast in some way related to food for the entire 21 days.

We will be meeting for prayer every night during the fast. Here are some designated places that their will be gatherings, but feel free to meet other places as well to suit your location/schedule.

*All gatherings will begin at 6:30 pm. Call or email 3CF if you need directions.**
  • Sunday- Dorrells'
  • Monday- Renauds'
  • Tuesday- 3CF
  • Wednesday- Thomas'
  • Thursday- 3CF
  • Friday- Wilsons'
  • Saturday- Bridgeton Salvation Army (8/2), 3CF (8/9), TheCall DC (8/16)

Here is a website that gives meal ideas for those doing a Daniel Fast. It is from a church in North Carolina who is in the midst of a 40 day fast leading up to TheCall.

**Check out the posts below for the prayer guide and more information about why we should fast**

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